Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I live~

Huh... well I got somehow locked outta my blog for a bit... reset the password and all but it only finally let me log in now.... weird. Anyhow, finally started a tumblr after some persuasion from some friends:

Probably some of the same stuff as here along with some other things.

Either way, finally stopped being lazy and scanned a LOT of sketches out of my last two sketchbooks, (mostly Triados-related stuff, though. Got a couple of random sketches in there too), Here's a few of my personal favs:

I like Maggie and Kael a lot... especially as kids, they are just so cute together <3
 I had a small phase where I drew numerous "chibi" versions of me and my friends' Triados characters. Put them together here to share~
 Drew Lily and Jonathon in a slightly less anime style... I just like how they came out, particularly Jonathon.
 Jonathon, being lively as usual

Just a color test I did with a sketch of Kael. I liked how it looks with just the shadows colored in.

 And finally, a young Kiya with a Hannari Tofu pillow. I love those things to no end, got a nice collection of them on my bed to prove it, too. :3

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finals weeks

That busy, busy time of year.... @_@   working on projects for 2 animation classes (2D and 3D) and then illustration. Kinda trying my best to keep up without too much sleep deprivation but I think I'm gonna need those extra hours now.... oh well. Here's a WIP page for illustration: 

and this is an old picture of a OC of mine, Demi Faye with her favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters. I kinda wanna redo this sometime now that I look at it