Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what happens when I deviate from my usual....

I finally got around to drawing some other stuff and I managed to color this picture of Emma yesterday:

I like how the colors came out and I was happy to be use my copic markers again. More than anything, though, I loved my sister's reaction when I asked for her opinion on it:

Me: How's it look?
Jessica: Hmm... it's different from your usual style....
Me: Well, yeah... I was trying to do a slightly realistic style, but is it okay?
Jessica: No, no, it's fine. I meant this was different *points at Emma's chest*

I love my little sis.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, Mexico was... interesting. I loved the first week with the family, but the second week with the tour.... not as much. While I'm up for beach time, 4 days of it back to back was a little too much for me. Ah well, at least the rest of my family seemed to enjoy it a bit more. What was a big downer, though, was that we all pretty much got sick. A lot of tissue was used and we all got medicine and shots. FUN. I got better for a while, but got sick on and off again. Even now I was dealing with headaches and sniffles last night.  Either way, I worked on this picture of a character, Lisa, I contributed to my friend's story in the meantime.

Background needs some thing else to it. As far as colors, I kinda went off the idea that she uses "Scrap creatures" but I think I'm gonna change it later.