Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anime Expo Aftermath and Class

Well... this last month has been rather hectic. I had an artist alley table at the Anime Expo with my good friend, Ka-chan and we sold scarves, prints and stickers. I unfortunately was unable to complete pins to sell, but looks like Ka-chan might get us another table for the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) later this year. here's some of the stickers and prints I had this weekend :

LOTS and LOTS of sticker designs. But, people liked them and things went pretty well. Even did a couple of sticker commissions while I was there. Had a great neighbor too, and good roommates at the hotel, so it was a pretty good weekend overall.

Also been having fun in the perspective summer workshop I've signed up for. Here's some of the thumbnails I've done for the 1 point perspective assignment, along with a first cleanup I've got so far. 

Gonna work on tonal studies now and start thumbnails for the 2 point perspective assignment now.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I live~

Huh... well I got somehow locked outta my blog for a bit... reset the password and all but it only finally let me log in now.... weird. Anyhow, finally started a tumblr after some persuasion from some friends:

Probably some of the same stuff as here along with some other things.

Either way, finally stopped being lazy and scanned a LOT of sketches out of my last two sketchbooks, (mostly Triados-related stuff, though. Got a couple of random sketches in there too), Here's a few of my personal favs:

I like Maggie and Kael a lot... especially as kids, they are just so cute together <3
 I had a small phase where I drew numerous "chibi" versions of me and my friends' Triados characters. Put them together here to share~
 Drew Lily and Jonathon in a slightly less anime style... I just like how they came out, particularly Jonathon.
 Jonathon, being lively as usual

Just a color test I did with a sketch of Kael. I liked how it looks with just the shadows colored in.

 And finally, a young Kiya with a Hannari Tofu pillow. I love those things to no end, got a nice collection of them on my bed to prove it, too. :3

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finals weeks

That busy, busy time of year.... @_@   working on projects for 2 animation classes (2D and 3D) and then illustration. Kinda trying my best to keep up without too much sleep deprivation but I think I'm gonna need those extra hours now.... oh well. Here's a WIP page for illustration: 

and this is an old picture of a OC of mine, Demi Faye with her favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! monsters. I kinda wanna redo this sometime now that I look at it 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

busy busy busy

been working to keep up with my schoolwork lately. Haven't worked on extra personal projects in a while, sadly. However, I am greatly enjoying my illustration class since we have free reign on our projects~  I'm trying a high school slice-of-life comic. Here's some concept sketches of characters for the story:

I've started arranging 2 pages, which the teacher seems to approve of with minor changes. Hopefully I'll have the penciled images done soon.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Been really busy lately with animation homework and Illustration, but I wanted to do a little doodle for Valentine's Day. Here are Sera and Jet from Triados. Hope everyone has someone to share Valentine's Day with~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

what happens when I deviate from my usual....

I finally got around to drawing some other stuff and I managed to color this picture of Emma yesterday:

I like how the colors came out and I was happy to be use my copic markers again. More than anything, though, I loved my sister's reaction when I asked for her opinion on it:

Me: How's it look?
Jessica: Hmm... it's different from your usual style....
Me: Well, yeah... I was trying to do a slightly realistic style, but is it okay?
Jessica: No, no, it's fine. I meant this was different *points at Emma's chest*

I love my little sis.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


So, Mexico was... interesting. I loved the first week with the family, but the second week with the tour.... not as much. While I'm up for beach time, 4 days of it back to back was a little too much for me. Ah well, at least the rest of my family seemed to enjoy it a bit more. What was a big downer, though, was that we all pretty much got sick. A lot of tissue was used and we all got medicine and shots. FUN. I got better for a while, but got sick on and off again. Even now I was dealing with headaches and sniffles last night.  Either way, I worked on this picture of a character, Lisa, I contributed to my friend's story in the meantime.

Background needs some thing else to it. As far as colors, I kinda went off the idea that she uses "Scrap creatures" but I think I'm gonna change it later.