Saturday, December 11, 2010

Finals week

So I unfortunately have not gotten around to updating the blog... I admit I have gotten many distractions as of late, but fortunately it is finals week, after which I should have less things calling for my attention. I hope to get around to creating some Christmas cards for family and friends and get my holiday shopping done. I should get around to scanning in pages from my sketchbook this week, I hope. In the meantime, here is an image of a design I made for my friend's character, Jonathon.

  I'm glad to hear he was pleased with the colors and style of clothes I chose for him. Initially, the hardest part when I tried to get an image of this character in my mind was that his personality reminded me too much of a prior character my friend had created and it was difficult for me to not imagine Jonathon the same as him. Jonathon's alter ego, Captain Space Jr. was a little more easy for me to visualize, as he was dramatically different from the masked duelist in his theme.  below are some earlier ideas for Jonathon, with a simple headshot of C.S. Jr in the top left corner.

These were scrapped since Jonathon looked too simple or too awkward. I finally came to the point to where I found a hairstyle for him that wasn't too wacky, but not so simple while keeping an energetic look. Along with my friend, Alex, I'm rather pleased with the current colored version of Jonathon.

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