Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Anime Expo Aftermath and Class

Well... this last month has been rather hectic. I had an artist alley table at the Anime Expo with my good friend, Ka-chan and we sold scarves, prints and stickers. I unfortunately was unable to complete pins to sell, but looks like Ka-chan might get us another table for the Pacific Media Expo (PMX) later this year. here's some of the stickers and prints I had this weekend :

LOTS and LOTS of sticker designs. But, people liked them and things went pretty well. Even did a couple of sticker commissions while I was there. Had a great neighbor too, and good roommates at the hotel, so it was a pretty good weekend overall.

Also been having fun in the perspective summer workshop I've signed up for. Here's some of the thumbnails I've done for the 1 point perspective assignment, along with a first cleanup I've got so far. 

Gonna work on tonal studies now and start thumbnails for the 2 point perspective assignment now.

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